Facebook Promotions

Facebook is a great way engage with your existing loyal customers, reach out to new customers, and showcase the personality of your company. In reality, the pest person to talk about your business, with your customer, spreading your message, is an expert! You! You and your team are the experts at what you do, and it’s highly important that you be involved in building the relationships that are the ultimate goal of your social media marketing. The stronger the relationships between you and your fans are, the more likely they are to spread the word and sing your praises, especially when you have a big promotion, contest, sweepstakes, or exclusive offer on your Facebook page!

The problem comes in the technicalities. Business owners have so many things to keep up with, and Facebook is constantly changing, so it’s no wonder why effectively designing, building, and implementing Facebook promotions to be appealing to their audience can leave many business owners wondering where they should even start!

What’s involved?

When designing your Facebook promotion, there are several items that you want to think about first.

  • What will be the driving factor for someone to participate in your promotion? (What will your fans get out of taking part? A contest or sweepstakes entry, a coupon, exclusive content?)
  • What do you want to get in return? (More fans, an e-mail database, word of mouth advertising to participant’s friend network, etc.)
  • What actions do your fans need to take to participate? (Barrier of entry is key here. The more you ask someone to do, the less likely they are to participate unless what they get in return has enough perceived value.)
  • How do you present your promotion in a way that is professional, attractive, and unique, to make sure that you stand out from all of the spammy freebie sites out there and let your audience know you are the real deal?
  • If you are running a contest, how will the winners be chosen?
  • Last but not least, how do you perform your promotion within the ┬áconditions allowed by Facebook? (Many companies get this wrong. It may be rare, but you are taking a risk of having your Facebook page shut down if you violate the Facebook’s Terms of Service with your promotion.)

If you need help answering these questions and clearing up the technicalities of developing your promotion, it’s time to add a Nerd to your arsenal. Give the Social Marketing Nerd a call today to discuss your goals at 469-200-0412 or reach out by e-mail at rory@socialmarketingnerd.com!