Facebook Updates: What is going on?!

facebook-new means betterOk, so if you aren’t part of the 50% of Facebook’s user base who log in to Facebook every day, you missed some things, to say the least. Ahead of the f8 conference, Facebook rolled out several updates designed to create functionality similar to Google+ within the Facebook platform that may drastically effect the way you interact with “friends” on Facebook. For online marketers, there may be other implications that we will want to keep an eye on.

With the implementation of a new “Top Stories” news feed, and the removal of the option for a “Most Recent” feed,  Edgerank has become more important than ever for brands who want to stay in front of their fans. Creating content that drives genuine engagement will become the single deciding factor in the success of future Facebook marketing campaigns by enticing fans to like, comment, share, and now “Mark as top story”  brand page updates to increase their Edgerank, and thus the likelihood that they will be seen by others. .

EdgeRankChecker.com did a good job of providing a “layman’s” explanation of the immediately apparent effects of these changes. Check out their article “Facebook Unveils New News Feed – What does this mean for EdgeRank?” for more details.

In the meantime, I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for any other developments in the latest episode of “Keeping up with the Social Media Jones’s”!